August 2, 2022

"The staff is helpful and friendly and the boat rental rates are reasonable. They are also dog friendly which was the most important factor in renting here. Make sure to not blindly follow your GPS with the address because Apple Maps took us to a gravel road 20 minutes away from the actual marina. At the end of the day on the water, the anchor got stuck and could not be freed from the bottom of the lake. The staff was understanding and tried to help us work through the issue over the phone, even though it was not anything they could control. We had to pay to replace the anchor since we abandoned it but it was $15 which seems pretty reasonable. I will definitely pack a knife in case of an anchor issue in the future, rookie mistake. I look forward to coming back soon!"
August 2, 2022

"Our first rental! It was very easy even when we had to move it from sat to sun! Checkin was painless the tutorial was fast! We pushed off and had THE BEST DAY! Will do again!!"
July 25, 2022

"Indian creek is extremely nice. We wanted to rent a pontoon boat for a couple hours with my elderly parents, however to reserve a boat, we had to pay all day price for a two hour trip. So a little pricey."
July 19, 2022

"We love this place. They have a great group of hard working people."
July 18, 2022

"Everything was a great experience. Reservations were easy to make. Employees at the marina were helpful and friendly. Pontoon was clean and looked new. Being able to rent a pontoon and bring our dogs was the biggest draw. They had a great time!"